Core Mat + Bag

Strong approval from within the dancing community


The Steppix CORE mat pulls beginner dancers deep into the learning process, really motivating them to train consistently. It’s your single best tool for leveling up fast - Whether you’re a dance instructor looking to maximize your teaching skills, or an absolute beginner wanting to self-learn all the basic moves in a short time.

This package includes the Steppix Bag for the easiest transportation.

30 Day Home Trial: If you're not 100% satisfied you can return it for a full refund.

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Here's what some notorious professional dancers had to say about Steppix.


It’s nice! Cool idea. Mat complex but yes!


I like this mat. It is practical to transport to use it outdoors or at home!

Niek Traa

Yooo, looks dope!! It’s like game!

Mike Piecez

Yoo dope man. This is amazing!! Well done!

Bboy Lewi

That’s sick!!!

Bboy Victor

Yoo this is sick! I would pay to get one of these!


This is very fresh of course!


Wow! That’s crazy!!!


That’s crazy stuff!

Ken Swift

It’s an interesting approach — Cool! Keep expanding on it, I like it.

Fredrick Herranen

It’s an OK product for beginners. Good stuff and I hope it takes off.


Steppix dance floor is a really nice tool for all kinds of dancers.

Katsu One

It’s interesting! It would be great for beginners!!!


Nice work!!! Respect fot this!


Yoo this is dope!


Really dope! Always coming up with fresh ideas. Keep it up.


This is dope!! I like it! I think it might come in.


Cray!! That’s awesome! This is great!!!

Bboy Kaku

Sounds good!! Really interesting...


Easy to understand and simple to use. This is very smart I like it.

Niels Storm Robitzky

Interesting!!! It can be really amazing! I will support you.


It’s cool!! I understand how to place to feet and hand for the movement.


Dope! Crazy concept with the circle and numbers.